Raritan Macerating Pump for Marine Toilets Installment, Operation, Repair Work Handbook

Raritan Macerating Pump for Marine Toilets Installment, Operation, Repair Work Handbook

 Raritan Macerating Pump for Marine Toilets

Developed to empty marine as well as RV holding storage tanks
of normal waste and also fish boxes of ranges and
residual waste. The distinct dual-cut blade style
ensures waste is ground up thoroughly. Marine
pump out must be in appropriate discharge areas only.
This macerator will certainly not manage tough objects, cloths,
or feminine paper napkins.

The optional Smart macerator control displays
pump motor and stop pump damage due to
priming failing or completely dry operating. It also protects
motor versus overload. If power to control is not
transformed off, wise control will prevent impeller
sticking by running impeller as soon as every seven days
of non- use.
• Ensure Waste valve to pump and also discharge
Turn on
brief switch as well as drain storage tank.
• When container is vacant, pump will get louder
with a high pitch noise. Right away turn
pump off, or damages to impeller and housing
will certainly occur. If pump is geared up with wise
macerator control pump will certainly turn off after 5
secs of dry running
• Otherwise equipped with clever macerator control
do not run pump dry for more compared to 15– 20
seconds. Flush storage tank and also pump with water
after each use. This macerator will certainly handle
typical waste, tissues, cigarettes, fish scales,
etc. It is not designed to take care of big hard
things such as huge bones or fruit pits.
Routine Upkeep and Storage Space: Flush with
water after each use. Examine wire connections periodically.
After durations of non-use, impeller could
stick. To loosen up, open rear shaft cover and turn
motor shaft clockwise with a level suggestion screwdriver.
After that change shaft cover. For expanded durations of
non-use, pump impeller could be lubed by running
a percentage of mineral oil through holding
tank system.

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