Marine Performance Parts Analysts Share the Importance of Safety Equipment Checks

Marine Performance Parts Analysts Share the Importance of Safety Equipment Checks

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Your Marine Performance Parts Experts Recommend Not Neglecting Your Safety Checks 

Stainless Marine your marine performance parts professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the importance of safety equipment checks.

Your marine performance parts analysts know that for many boaters, January is a period of downtime, and that makes it a great month to inspect and update safety equipment – particularly if you have pulled it off the boat for winter storage. 

1. Check Flares
These require replacement every three years. Check the expiration dates on your handheld and meteor flares. Your marine engine performance parts specialists know that if they are set to expire midseason, put a reminder on your calendar. 

2. Inspect Fire Extinguishers
Check the pressure gauges on all of your boat’s fire extinguishers to make sure they read in the green âfullâ zone. If any of them appear to have been even partially discharged, replace them with Coast Guard-approved fire extinguishers. 

3. Test EPIRBs and PLBs
These require re-registration every two years, as mandated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which sends a reminder. Your marine supplies Jacksonville FL professionals say that if your address or email has changed, you might not have received it. 

4. Examine Life Jackets
Make sure fabric, straps, buckles and flotation materials remain in prime condition. If there’s any doubt, throw them out and replace them with brand-new jackets. 

5. Check Your Horn
Make sure you have a functioning Coast Guard-approved sound-producing device on board.

6. Replace Batteries
Replace all of the batteries in your flashlights, and buy spare fresh batteries to keep on boat. 

Your Marine Performance Parts Specialists Continue the Discussion on Safety Equipment Checks

You can find more information as well as get assistance on high performance marine parts and on the importance of safety equipment checks at Stainless Marine.

What’s In it For Me?

Your high performance marine parts experts know that vessels passing safety checks are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard / Auxiliary Decal that informs:

  • Coast Guard / Auxiliary
  • Harbor Patrol
  • Sheriff’s & Police
  • other boating law-enforcement & safety agency’s

that your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws during a safety check for that year. Best of all every Vessel Safety Check is 100% Free of charge!

What if I Don’t Pass?

Your marine supplies online analysts know that if your boat does not pass, no citation is issued at that time. Instead, you are provided a written report in how to correct any discrepancies.

Why Receive a Vessel Safety Check?

Safety! The peace of mind that your boat meets federal safety standards and that in an emergency you will have the necessary equipment to save lives and summon help.

Find an Examiner

Are you ready to get started with on your path to safer boating? Click the link below, then fill out the short request form and click the submit button. 

So don’t forget these helpful reminders on why safety equipment checks are necessary. 1) Check the flares;  2) inspect fire extinguishers;  3) examine life jackets;  and 4) replace your batteries.

Stainless Marine has more information on marine performance parts, high performance marine parts, performance marine parts, and on the importance of safety equipment checks.

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