Macerator Pump Experts Help Train Your Young Ones About Boat Safety

Macerator Pump Experts Help Train Your Young Ones About Boat Safety

Your Macerator Pump Analysts Make Teaching Easy on You and Your Kids 


Raritan Engineering Company your macerator pump professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to train your kids about boat safety.

Your macerator pump specialists know that for new boaters, new challenges mean new skills that everyone on the boat must learn. Make it easy on your kids and yourself with a little finesse and these handy online resources.

No matter how you slice it, trying to teach your kids about boating navigation rules or proper life jacket use has the potential to become a protest session. 

1. Set The Example. Kids learn best by following the leader, so be a good leader. You’ll never convince them to wear a life jacket if they feel it’s a case of âdo as I say, not as I do. 

And really, life jackets aren’t so bad to wear anymore. When I was a kid, there would be six of those cheapie orange horse-collar style vests on the boat. They never fit right, and when you went in the water, they rode up around your neck, which prevented you from drowning but made you feel like you were being strangled in the process. 

2. Enlist Older Kids as Allies. Keeping kids inside the boat is a common problem. It’s way more fun to hang your arm over the side and play with the wake splashing up alongside. And while that may be safe enough in open water, it’s risky business in the marina. 

Clue in older kids to your concern and ask them to help keep the little ones safe. Kids generally like to be helpful, and they especially like to feel trusted by parents or other adults, so when they ask what they can do, just say, âLittle Ben thinks he can do everything you can do, so if you don’t keep your arm in the boat, neither will he.â

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3. Establish Common-Sense Safety Procedures. Many parents have an irrational fear of the prop, but what they should have is a rational fear of not keeping everyone aware of its potential for danger. Even at rest, a boat propeller can cut a foot or leg severely. Just keep away from it. Today, most boats designed for recreational skiing and swimming have a swim platform over the sterndrive and prop.

Even adults do dumb things. I once watched as a boat came into the marina with a woman sitting on the platform, dragging her legs in the water. The force of the water kept her legs high above the prop and she was enjoying a relaxing foot message.

When swimmers are in the water, the keys should be out of the ignition. I keep my keys in a cup holder near the transom, which forces me to check for prop clearance when we head out to sea. 

Your family automatically obeys the rules of safety in the car, and they should do the same in the boat, too. Even though it’s a different environment with many new pleasures and a few reasonable risks, these are easy enough to mitigate when a few clear rules are understood. 

So don’t forget these helpful reminders on how to train your kids about boat safety. 1) Be sure to set the example;  2) enlist your older children as allies;  and 3) establish common-sense safety procedures.

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