How To Handle Thoughts Of Revenge

How To Handle Thoughts Of Revenge

How Do You Handle Thoughts Of Revenge?

Has there ever been a time in your life where you felt like seeking revenge because of something that was done or said to you or someone you love? Have you considered seeking revenge to try and make the situation right in some way? We may go over our plan of retaliation many times in our minds as to how we would have the situation play out, but in reality, it may not turn out the way it was planned. Or maybe we just put it to the side all together not wanting or knowing how to deal with it.

When it comes to seeking revenge, I have thought about it many times, but could never bring myself to hurt others as they have hurt me. I am glad that I never did, for it was not my place to do so, plus, it would have made me feel bad.

Please understand that sometimes people do things to hurt others that are unintentional, but at other times, they are done for the sole purpose of causing intentional harm and heartache for one reason or the other. Some people are just hateful and have no love for others and could very well stem from events that have taken place in their own lives. Who knows? But we have them amongst us.

To find out more on handling thoughts of revenge, click the link below.

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