Guadalajara – A Tourist Guide

Guadalajara – A Tourist Guide

Guadalajara is a chief industrial city of western Mexico. Here, tourism plays a significant role in city’s economy.

For thorough and deep tourist information about the city’s surroundings, both the Tourist Information stand in Palacio de Gobierno and State Tourist Office in Morelos are helpful places to search what is going on in the city and in its other suburbs, like Tonalá, Tlaԛuepaԛue and Zapopan.

Guadalajara Airport, also known as Don Miguel International Airport, is merely 15 km from the south side of the downtown district. It also has two separate terminals. There are Airlines to twenty different cities throughout Mexico and it also serves many famous destinations within both the USA and Canada.

Guadalajara is home to a brilliant public transportation system and provides everything from horse carriages to swift metro trains. These trains have rapidly turned out to be among the most admired means to go around the city. In Guadalajara, Metro train stops are easy to notice with obvious signs showing a ‘T’ symbol.

The city, Guadalajara is a famous tourist attraction worldwide. Families enjoy visiting the Science Centre and Guadalajara Planetarium, which are worth visiting for their astronomical information. Children will enjoy the speedy rides and huge Ferris wheel in the theme park of Selva Magica with the neighboring Zoo situated here. For a serene afternoon outing, think of going to the comparatively serene forest named Bosque la Primavera and Metropolitan Park, where you can wander, picnic, play and normally relax away from the hasty life of central Guadalajara.

Guadalajara has a historic past and filled with attractive buildings and mementos of former times. The city’s superb Metropolitan Cathedral is truly a show stopper that has twin towers and one big main dome. For history lovers, the main attractions are Basilica de Zapopan and the Government Palace named Palacio de Gobierno, both of which have their origin from the 17th century. Made around 200 years ago, Cabanas Cultural Institute of Guadalajara features stunning gardens, regular exhibition of arts and weekly presentations of ballets. Several theatrical events and happenings also take place in the Degollado Theatre.

To discover more about the city, the numerous museums of Guadalajara may be of much importance, which are packed with historical information. Museo Regional de of Guadalajara won’t dissatisfy you and the vast archaeological part is rather impressive. Also many of the exhibitions at Guadalajara City Museum, Tonalá Regional Museum’s art works and pottery exhibition and the extraordinary papier maché statues at Sergio Bustamante Gallery are worth visiting. If you wish to try a little bit of local liquor, visit the city’s Tequila Factory and enjoy a tour.

There are a lot of activities taking place in Guadalajara around the year including numerous festivals, events and activities every month. A thorough list of events and activity can be found every Friday within Guadalajara’s Público (Spanish-language newspaper).

More information about events and festivals within Guadalajara are freԛuently listed in the Guadalajara local Reporter newspaper and in Weekly newsletter of Guadalajara. These newspapers are accessible free of cost from the tourist office of the city and also at few hotels.

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