Group #27 Battery Box Analysts Share Wake Jumping Safety Tips

Group #27 Battery Box Analysts Share Wake Jumping Safety Tips

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Your Group #27 Battery Box Experts Suggest Not Getting Too Close For Comfort

Stainless Marine your group #27 battery box professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding wake jumping safety tips. 

Your group #27 battery box analysts suggest keeping this lesson in mind: Too Close for Comfort

Jumping wakes on a PWC is a great rush. Your marine parts USA professionals understand that the speed combined with a momentary sense of flight makes for an intoxicating boost of adrenaline. However, boating navigation rules still apply, as does common sense. 


Legal Requirements

The U.S. Coast Guard classifies personal watercraft (PWC) as Class A inboard boats. Your marine parts Houston experts know that means PWC are subject to most of the same rules and requirements as any other. There are a few laws that apply specifically to PWCs and PWC operators in Ohio.


  • Life Jackets must be worn by each person on board. Choose a properly fitting, U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket appropriate for PWC and wear it.
  • State of Ohio equipment laws require you to have a fire extinguisher on board.

  1. No Alcohol or Drugs: Don’t operate your personal watercraft under the influence of anything but your good judgment. Alcohol and drugs reduce your ability to make quick decisions and handle your craft in all situations. 
  2. Local Ordinances: It’s your responsibility to know and follow local laws and ordinances regarding use of your watercraft. 

Your Group #27 Battery Box Specialists Want Safety To Be the Main Focus When Having Fun

You can find more information as well as get assistance on boat parts and accessories and on wake jumping safety tips at Stainless Marine.

Think Safe – Ride Safe

  • Right of way: Your boat parts and accessories experts want you to follow basic boating guidelines. Sailboats, commercial vessels, and fishing vessels always have the right of way. Your marine parts and supplies specialists know to stay to the right when approaching an oncoming craft, so that it passes on your left side. 
  • Awareness: Constantly look about for traffic on the water, and especially near you. Know where other boats are and where they’re heading before you make a turn or cross a wake.
  • Wake jumping: If your course takes you across the wake of another boat, make sure your visibility is not obstructed by that boat. 
  • Operating speed: Follow local regulations regarding speed limits, whether posted or not. In congested areas, lower your speed. 
  • Passengers and guests: Never carry more than the maximum passenger load specified for your craft. A person being towed counts as a passenger. 


  • Launch ramp etiquette: Be considerate and efficient when launching your personal watercraft. 
  • Noise: PWCs emit a whine that can be annoying to anglers, swimmers, and other boaters. .
  • Environment: Respect ecologically sensitive areas. Don’t spill fuel or oil and don’t leave litter or other pollutants where they don’t belong.

So don’t forget these helpful tips for maintaining wake jumping safety. 1) Keep in mind who has the right of way;  2) constantly look about for traffic on the water, and especially near you;  and 3) follow local speed limits.

Stainless Marine has more information on group #27 battery box, boat parts and accessories, stainless steel tubing and on wake jumping safety tips.

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