Electric Toilets Blog: Never Ignore the Importance of Taking Spare Motor Parts With You

Electric Toilets Blog: Never Ignore the Importance of Taking Spare Motor Parts With You

Dan Dickison

Having Spare Motor Parts While Cruising Could Possibly Save You Lots of Stress And Anxiety In The Future

Cruising sailors rely on their motors a great deal more than they like to admit. Even though the internet has actually helped close the gap between parts providers and cruising sailors in far corners of the planet, the long-term cruiser still has to thoroughly take into consideration which spare components and supplies he needs to bring along with him.

Gas Filters

We had a Dahl fuel filter, most other boats had Racor. We found fuel filter components around the world, however obtaining the amount and micron rating we required was actually no guarantee. Keep in mind you have at the very least two filters: a remote primary filter between the tank and the motor, and a factory-installed secondary filter on the motor itself.

Fuel Injectors

Suggested service intervals for fuel injectors vary by producer, but gas contamination and carbon build-up is such a typical issue that many cruising sailors carry at least one extra injector. If you bring a complete set (not cheap) you can still operate your boat while your injectors are being cleaned and serviced. (In the Caribbean, we mailed ours back to the U.S. for maintenance).

Oil Filters

Oil filters are actually an additional issue. There certainly are so many varieties of oil filters in the world that it pays to do a little research. In Vanuatu, we discovered Napa filters that were identical to our Volvo filters but cost much less, but, once again, if you go this route you want to make sure you are getting the right filter.


You’ll need to have extra V-belts for you alternator, especially if it’s the high-output type. It is practically impossible to evaluate the quality of a V-belt simply by looking, and when you leave the US, it’s more difficult to find the industrial-rated V-belts that you need to have for high-output alternators.


Alternators have a relatively high rate of failing, but a repair is often as easy as changing the brushes. Many cruisers replace factory-supplied alternators with high-output models, saving the initial factory alternator as a spare. This may sound great theoretically, but swapping between various kinds of alternator might require changes in positioning, belt size, and even voltage regulation systems.


Probably one of the most neglected component of the drive train is actually the gearbox. Gearbox fluid does not last permanently, but how frequently should you change it? A few engine owner’s handbooks don’t even provide replacement intervals.

Water Pumps

Probably our most significant headache was the Volvo’s raw water pump, an expensive bronze-body model created by Johnson. The raw-water pump impellors and seals generally held up well, but sediment in the water would cause the shaft to wear.

Even though it might look like a lot of work to actually do a dry-run pump change, you ought to at least check to ensure you understand what is involved, what size wrenches will certainly be required, and what additional bits and pieces may need to be removed in order to change pumps.

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