Denver Marketing Firms Experts Uncover 5 Hidden Gems in Your Marketing Data

Denver Marketing Firms Experts Uncover 5 Hidden Gems in Your Marketing Data

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Denver Marketing Firms Professional Uncovers 5 Hidden Gems In Your Marketing Data

Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions your Denver marketing firms specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 5 hidden gems in your marketing data.

Your Denver marketing firms know that as a kid growing up in the 80s, I was obsessed with collecting things: rocks, action figures, books, comics, coins, baseball cards, video games and a panoply of other stuff ranging from serious to absurd.

What I realized as I grew up is that not all these collections or their firms, were of equal value. For example, even in Denver, the acorns quickly rotted and infested my closet with tiny bugs. Other things, like the rocks, turned out to have hidden beauty.

In today’s world of limitless data, marketers find themselves in a similar quandary. There is a strong temptation to collect all types of data simply because it’s cool or available, including Denver firms. It’s no wonder that 82% of CMO’s feel unprepared to deal with the explosion of data.

1. Identity data – All the data you collect is useless without a way to tie it all together. Building omni-channel relationships requires data to be consistent and available across all channels. This includes capturing the identity of anonymous web visitors for personalization and linking together CRM and marketing automation data for alignment with sales.

2. Connection data – Your Denver marketing agencies ask have you considered how your customer and prospect records are connected through legal, social and organizational relationships? While marketers and other firms, often treat contacts as isolated targets, the truth is that they are often deeply interrelated. For example, one prospect in your database may work for the subsidiary of one of your customers.

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Denver Marketing Firms Adviser Continues Discussion on Your Marketing Data

3. Signal data – From the background noise of clicks, opens and bounces, successful marketers are using data analysis to extract signals about what their customers really like and don’t like. This signal-based preference data can be extremely powerful, even in Denver, especially when married with traditional firmographic and demographic profile data.

4. Onboarding data – Closely tracking and marketing collecting data from your customer onboarding process can have a huge effect on loyalty and attrition. For example, capturing customer business goals as they come onboard can help you build segments and, then, content that aligns closely with customer needs.

5. Fiscal calendar data – Fiscal years have a huge impact on buying cycles. Companies typically plan and set marketing budgets near the beginning of their fiscal year and often spend surplus budget near the end.

Aligning your messaging and sales outreach with these cycles is critical to successful timing. For example, if you are selling advertising and reach a marketing director as they are trying to spend a budget surplus, you stand a much greater chance of success.

This list provides a starting point for marketers to discover their own marketing hidden gems. The data that is really important for you depends on the unique nature of your business and your customers.

So don’t forget to look for and benefit from these 5 hidden gems. 1) Identity data;  2) connection data;  3) signal data;  4) onboarding data;  and 5) fiscal calendar data.

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