Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends

Fresno Website Design Recommendations For Success

Fresno Website Design TrendsIt’s very easy for Fresno website design owners and all those who manage digital presences to obtain wrapped up in the things their site does not have. This is simply because if they can envision a bell or whistle, there’s a big possibility the ‘Net offers it or there is somebody who can implement it. The digital grass is, obviously, greener on other sites, but there certainly is reason to believe that your Web design is A-OK (and probably better than you imagine). Let us look into four main reasons why.Anyone worth their virtual salt recognizes consumers’ propensity toward navigating the Web on their smartphones, which is why they have ensured their site renders correctly regardless of the device in which a consumer is accessing it on. Whether the site offer responsive or adaptive design or an site, if it successfully pass Google’s mobile-friendly test, it’s doing fine. Could it do better? Maybe, but the point is, websites that pass Google’s mobile-friendly test are not only in front of the curve (remember more than half of businesses still do not have websites at all), yet they are likewise in the good graces of Google (at the very least in regard to this guideline), which as of April 21, 2015 will be expanding its usage of mobile-friendly factors in its search algorithm. In other words, businesses without having mobile-friendly websites will not remain very competitive in Google’s search engine result pages, as they will not obtain a mobile-friendly label, which will result in SEO repercussions. If there’s no other digital improvement made this year, let it be obtaining a mobile-friendly Fresno website immediately.

Fresno website design trends always evolve and almost all elements covered by Web design also change as a result. Typography makes up for a very important aspect of design and is all set to change as the New Year settles in. The objective of good typography is to decrease the on-screen reading fatigue and make it a lot easier to get content across to users. Plus, effective typography emphasizes design. But then, just like Web site design, typography is an area that’s been expanding and growing its wings. The first thing in which typography does to design is to give it a lot of aesthetic appeal. So for businesses looking for a way to include diversity to their branding efforts, typography scores points. How you arrange typefaces that you choose does a lot to how your brand is perceived.

If you think of SEO as a distinct entity in your internet presence you could be making expensive mistakes with your website and other marketing techniques. Each and every aspect of a strong online brand is deeply intertwined with related elements – content clearly plays a major role, but so does the layout and development of any given website. As Fresno website design styles come and go it’s the responsibility of developers and marketing experts alike to call into question the influence these style selections have on the page rank of their clients. After all, Fresno website design trends are short-term, but a solid online presence is something you need to establish for the long run.

Of all the latest Fresno website design styles, parallax design will have to be the most prevalent right now. You can’t escape parallax scrolling effects right now, but the SEO consequences can be drastic. The first parallax sites were actually little more than single-page websites with all the content presented on an endless homepage. This brings up obvious alarm bells from an SEO point of view because you eliminate the website structures that search engines rely for crawling. Not only that but you end up with a whole website’s worth of keywords stretched throughout a single URL, which is bad news in modern SEO. Not that single-page Fresno websites never have a place – they’re okay when a single landing page is needed – but the concept was hijacked as part of a design trend that didn’t factor in the search implications.

It doesn’t matter how compelling your content is or how faultless your keyword research may be, if you don’t back it up with an intuitive user experience your hard work is in vein. Which brings us to the golden rule of Search Engine Optimization and everything Web: you’re creating for people first, everything else second. Which means search engines also have to take a back seat. Your sole priority should be the individual browsing through your client’s website at any given time. From a UX point of view this requires a flawless user experience and a Fresno website design that makes navigation the conversion process irresistibly easy. Make things challenging for people and you can kiss them bye-bye – so be wary of design trends (like parallax scrolling) if they hurt user experience.

Google has started to flag up certain Fresno website designs that aren’t properly optimized for mobile devices. If you run a separate mobile device and your listings in Google redirect to the mobile homepage by default, the search engine will warn users that your site doesn’t work correctly on your devices. This is so users who click on a blog post or product page in search results don’t end up on a mobile homepage thinking why the hell they haven’t gone to the page they clicked on. Fair enough. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about the split SEO problem with separate mobile sites any longer since Google has made it easy enough to connect mobile sites with a parent URL. However you are more vulnerable to duplicate content when you run separate sites, so take care when it comes to mobile-only sites
Fixed site navigation has been around for some time now and there certainly has been a lot of discussion over the SEO implications of featuring core links always on display. From a UX perspective, there is a lot to support using fixed site navigation on Fresno website designs. After all, a user is only ever a click away from the major parts of a Fresno website design – without the need to scroll back to the top of the page. As for SEO, there is nothing to indicate that fixed navigation has an adverse impact on search ranking – as long as it is carried out intuitively. One stumbling block is that fixed positioning actually isn’t fully supported on mobile browsers, which could cause troubles when it comes to the smaller devices in our lives.

This is where off-screen site navigation comes into play and you will often see the ‘hamburger’ icon (three horizontal lines) used to show and conceal a mobile nav menu. Similar to fixed navigations there is nothing at all to suggest that this approach will directly hurt page rank, however there are UX concerns to consider. First of all you add an additional click to every page users navigate via the main nav, but studies are also starting to show that a remarkably large number of visitors to your Fresno website design nevertheless don’t understand the hamburger symbol suggests an off-screen navigation menu. And guess what happens. These users go elsewhere.

The Internet is becoming increasingly visual and users demand an even more engaging experience from websites and applications. Modern technology is also improving, which gives designers and developers more room to experiment with images, animations and effects. However, visuals need to be handled with care. If you think that developed countries have great online connectivity, you’re mistaken. Mobile internet in the UK, for example, is far behind leading nations and if your customers have foreign markets things could get even worse. Overloading a Fresno website design with graphics and flashy effects can create a terrible mobile experience and taking into consideration smartphones are now the primary way to access the Web, this can be a costly mistake.

All design decisions have an impact on search optimization and this should be taken into consideration throughout the Fresno website design process – and later reconsidered after it. The only priority is the user and how properly they can interact with your client’s website and overall online visibility. Which means all of us need to step back and keep things in perspective. Designers are not here to produce flashy websites which make them feel good, just like writers are not here to utilize excessive syllables to sound intelligent. We’re all on the same team here, with the same objective – and that means pulling together to create the most effective online presence for our clients and their target audience.


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