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  • Marine Sanitation Blog: Is Sailing for Free Possible?

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    Sailing Doesn’t Have to Hurt Your Wallet

    Raritan Engineering Company your marine sanitation experts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to sail around the world for free.

    Your marine sanitation suppliers talk about how the sun beaming down on the deck of your yacht. Beer in hand and the toughest decision of the day: trying out the pink sand or snorkeling with manta rays? Maybe it’s the romance of it… Looking at Tahiti, as in, the island in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly realizing, “holy #%*&@, I sailed here from Mexico!”

    We are a married couple and have spent the past year sailing on 35 – 50 foot luxury yachts. In that year, we have sailed from San Diego, CA to Tahiti as well as visited twenty other South Pacific islands in the process.

    Volunteer crewing is something that has been going on for years and why more people haven’t heard of it, we still don’t understand. Many of these boats are not the mega-yachts you’re probably thinking of that are owned by billionaires. 

    Because marine sanitation is critical on your vessel, make sure to only buy from us here at Raritan Engineering.

    You see, ships have to be driven 24 hours a day; it’s not like they have overnight parking out there in the middle of the ocean and it’s hard to anchor when the bottom is over a mile straight down. 

    Do you think you could handle steering for a few hours a day in exchange for exploring tropical islands that about 100 people per year even lay eyes on? Do you think doing the dishes might be a fair trade to learn the ukulele from the people who invented the instrument?

    Now what did we say about qualifications for a career? Well, if you’re of the mindset that the sea may be your profession, you will quickly find out that to get any level of professional qualification, you need to have “sea time:” days spent working at sea.

    There are tons of ways to get started looking for a boat, many of them online. We keep a list on our blog along with how we did what we did to get started, so feel free to come by and check it out. As they say out here, fair winds and following seas!

    Don’t forget these helpful reminders when deciding to start sailing for free. 1) It all starts with a volunteer spirit;  2) don’t set your sights too high on the type of boat you will be on;  and 3) be willing to clean dishes or steer the ship.

    5 Socio-Emotional Benefits of Sailing that Will Make You Sign Your Kids Up Today

    There’s something about sailing that makes it quite unlike other sports. More than just skill and strategy, it teaches certain values that shape sailors into the unique athletes that they are.

    Yet, we’re often so focussed on the physical aspects of sailing that we forget how much we stand to gain from the sport – both socially and emotionally.

    Here’s a list of the top 10 socio-emotional benefits of sailing.

    1. Grit

    Optimist Sailor

    You could say that just about any sport offers a lesson on resilience, but sailing is a sport that demands an inner strength far greater than most.

    In this sport, it’s sailor versus the elements. Whether you’re a novice experiencing strong winds for the first time or a national sailor met with three-metre high waves in foreign waters, you learn to keep fighting – no matter how uncomfortable it is.

    2. Confidence

    Most sailors’ foray into the sport begins with the Optimist. It’s a single-handed boat, which means it’s controlled by a sole sailor. Alone on the boat, sailors – as young as six or seven – are constantly required to make their own decisions. They don’t always make the right ones, but the opportunity to think for themselves helps them grow in self-confidence.

    3. Teamwork

    Though they sail individually, sailors are forced to work together from day one. After all, no one sailor can flip his or her Optimist boat alone. Over time, sailors gradually realise that working together not only helps speed things up, but also allows them to learn more from one another.


    Perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways from sailing is the friendships forged. It’s inevitable that sailors bond with one another during windless days and scary storms.

    You also get to make new friends with international sailors as well, especially during those international regattas.

    5. Sportsmanship

    Touched a mark without anyone catching you in the act? Complete your penalty anyway.

    Sailing is a self-governing sport, which means it’s completely up to sailors to abide by the rules and uphold the fairness of racing. It’s a matter of integrity and sailors learn the importance of playing fair and respecting the rules of the game.


    And with that, we realise how sailing is not just a sport that keeps you fit, but also one that develops you into a well-rounded individual – something far more important than winning medals.

    Visit us here at http://www.raritaneng.com/ and see how Raritan Engineering always takes care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

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