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  • Keep Your Alternator Going Stronger Longer

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    Easy Ways to Keep Your Boat In Great Running Condition

    So I was thinking about Bitcoin today, the electronic crypto-currency that seems no less cryptic compared to exactly what’s in my pocketbook these days, and this got me considering huge stone money on the isle of Yap, and since I spent the majority of my time on Yap reconstructing an alternator, this got me thinking of alternator belts. Before you fire up ye ol’ iron genny for the season’s very first smoke-belching run out to the mooring, to the dock, or to the fuel station (I sure hope it’s certainly not to the pumpout station), you, too, might want to think of your alternator belt.

    A number of the following tips are actually culled from editor-at-large Nick Nicholson’s Offshore Log report on alternator care, written throughout his circumnavigation. For a much more extensive discussion of alternators, refer to Nigel Calder’s Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual, which deals with the topic in great detail.

    Check belt for extreme wear. Compare the belt width and depth with your extra belt (you have one of these, right?). When the area around the belt is actually covered with black dust, the belt is most likely slipping or misaligned. Small-case, high-output alternators get very, very hot.

    Certainly, you must get the correct measurements and kind of V-belt. Search for A-series industrial belts, available from many autoparts stores. A quirk of these kinds of belts is that the belt number is not actually identical to the belt length: an A41 belt, for example, is 43 inches long.

    Inspect belt alignment. The belt must be properly lined up with the motor and alternator pulleys. Do not assume that the pulleys are lined up, even if you possess a factory-installed alternator. A misaligned belt will often chirp– as opposed to a squeal or screech for a sliding belt. You could perform a standard alignment check using a straight edge placed across the pulley faces. If the belt walks up one side of the pulley while the motor is actually operating, misalignment is often the cause.
    Inspect pulleys for corrosion as well as proper operation. The pulley must not wobble on its axis. If the pulley-end bearings have actually stopped working (listen closely for distinct rumbling or roughness as you rotate the unloaded alternator), check alignment carefully right after replacing the bearings, as this may have contributed to the failure.

    Proper belt tension is an equally important issue. The correct belt tension depends on the pulley arrangement on the specific motor, in addition to the type of accessories driven by the belt.

    A Gates Krikit V-Tension Gauge is actually an useful tool to carry board when it comes to checking belt tension. It is simple to use, and the guideline sheet provides belt tension guidelines for a range of pulley and accessory combos.

    The motor compartment should be kept tidy. A great deal of air gets sucked through an alternator. If your motor runs dirty, that dirt will certainly find its way into the alternator, covering the windings and other elements.

    Bottom line: By paying a little bit of attention to your alternator belt before the season gets going, you could save yourself some huge Bitcoin down the road.

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  • Electric Toilets Blog Dept: Awesome Summer Boating Destinations You Need to Know About

    Key West, Florida

    Summer Boating Can Help You Say Goodbye to Summer Stress

    Raritan Engineering Company your electric toilets specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding awesome summer boating destinations you need to know about.

    Your electric toilets experts talk about how boating is known to reduce stress and improve quality of life. Luckily, you don’t have to sail the deep blue sea for some great voyages. Ninety percent of Americans live less than an hour from a navigable body of water, whether a sprawling lake or the beautiful ocean. 

    1. Marina del Rey, California

    Just a 45-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles and a stone’s throw from Santa Monica, Marina del Rey is the largest manmade small-craft harbor in the United States. Experiencing a major renaissance, the area is known to woo the rich and famous with its highbrow amenities, including the luxurious Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey, which is situated on the marina itself.

    2. Newport, Rhode Island

    Newport Harbor served as the port of call for the famed America’s Cup — an international yachting race — for years. Boaters still come from around the world to check out the yachting facilities and to experience the quaint New England charm at sea. 

    3. Key West, Florida

    The southernmost island is renowned for having the best sunset on the continent, so sunset cruising is a popular activity. Thanks to the laidback lifestyle, boaters here are casual with a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude. 

    4. Lake Havasu, Arizona

    Quickly emerging as a hot spot for boaters, Lake Havasu is a large reservoir in the middle of the Arizona desert in Mojave County with 60 miles of waterways to explore. 

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    Boaters can find hidden coves, sandbars, beaches and the iconic London Bridge. In the past decade, Lake Havasu has cultivated a religious following among spring breakers — 24-hour partying is not unusual — but the college-aged crowd can be found here throughout the year, thanks to the lake’s warm temperature, 16 boat launches and plenty of party-boat rentals.

    5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Life seems to revolve around the water in this city known for its 23 miles of beaches. Thanks to more than 300 miles of inland waterways, Fort Lauderdale is referred to as the “Venice of America.” More than 40,000 yachts are based in the sunny city, giving Fort Lauderdale bragging rights as the yachting capital of the world, and not surprisingly, the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the largest in the world.

    You’ve already had a big hit by buying the yacht and making yourself happy but now the real long term benefit switches in. The number one key to making your own seratonin is to be outside. Most people spend less than twenty minutes a day in the sun. It’s pretty hard to avoid the outdoors when on a yacht. 

    • take your sunglasses off early morning… the dawn light will get the seratonin going early and glass will block your receptors in the eyes
    • have breakfast on deck
    • swim to a beach and do some yoga or just go for a walk (exercise will get seratonin going too)
    • remove sunglasses again around midday for twenty minutes
    • avoid sunburn during hottest parts of day
    • Cocktails or drinks on sunset on deck… compulsory (signals body to switch to melatonin production as sun goes down)

    Linked to Seratonin production is Vitamin D. Believe it or not three quarters of Australians are now considered deficient in this essential vitamin. Darker skinned people may need six times as much as lighter skinned people. A blood test is the only way to know if you are deficient but if you are it’s not just ricketts that you should worry about. .

    • expose arms to sun mid morning for twenty minutes
    • do not use sunscreen in winter and only after 9 am in summer
    • eat more fish (caught from the stern of course) or take fish oil tablets
    • more nuts especially almonds at cocktail hour

    By now you are determined to take a week off work just to make sure your seratonin and vitamin d levels are fine. Well it gets better. Insomnia is a huge problem with millions suffering from it leading to again a scary number of illnesses.

    So to cure insomnia follow these rules

    • take the yacht away for 5 days
    • try not to use mobile phones or iPads at night
    • sail till tired
    • cook a healthy meal
    • try to limit drinks to sunset cocktail hour
    • go to bed early

    So don’t forget these great locations for getting rid of that summer stress. 1) Marina del Rey, California;  2) Newport, Rhode Island;  3) Key West, Florida;  4) Lake Havasu, Arizona;  and 5) Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Couple on Sailboat Hears Dog Crying in Distance, Finds Puppy Alone on Deserted Island

    Meet Captain Joel and Dr. Sheddy, a couple on a mission to help animals and communities worldwide. They sail around the world together in their sailboat, providing free veterinary care to vulnerable populations.

    In 2006, Sheddy met her soulmate, Captain Joel, at school. Joel had a passion of his own, sailing, and had been saving for his own boat since he was 16 years old.

    They decided to pursue their dreams together, combining three of their biggest passions: traveling, sailing, and animal care.

    The couple documents their adventures and shares them online, giving people a window into their unique life.

    One day, while relaxing in their boat, the couple heard the faint cries of what sounded like a puppy. They rowed to the nearby deserted island to investigate.

    His paws were raw, she said, from running on the hot sand. Sheddy gave the pup a quick snack and a drink, while Joel rowed to the closest inhabited island.

    Sheddy explained the likely circumstances surrounding the puppy’s predicament. During extremely low tide, the two islands are connected, and the puppy likely ran across and found himself unable to return as the tide began to rise.

    They eventually did find them and learned the pup had been missing for four days.

    Sheddy was thrilled to be able to reunite the puppy with his family. “You’re home!” she squealed, scratching his head with affection.

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