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  • Marine Sanitation Specialists Show How to Keep Your Trailer Looking Great

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    Your Marine Sanitation Professionals Have Some Great Ideas for Boat Trailer Maintenance 

    Raritan Engineering your marine sanitation experts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to keep your boat trailer looking great.
    My good friend Chuck Larson and his buddy Bob “Toes” Lund are the Lucy and Ethel of the Lake View Inn. Your marine sanitation specialists know that they frequently cook up beer-fueled schemes designed to put extra cash in their fun kitty. With the arrival of boating season, they came up with an idea that was borderline predatory.
    Toes, who recently retired from a gig driving the ­Frito-Lay truck and restocking Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos – hence the nickname – had noted that the number of disabled boat trailers abandoned on the road side escalated on the Fridays before the fishing opener and Memorial Day weekend. 
    Your marine parts UK analysts want you to remember these tips.
    Air Up the Tires
    If, on May 1, your boat-trailer tires are each holding about 12 pounds of air, they will overheat and fly apart after about 50 miles. Tires naturally lose about a pound of air a month, and if you last added air in 2014 … well, there you go. 
    Carry a Spare Tire
    It doesn’t even have to be mounted on the trailer. Just throw it in the truck bed.

    Your Marine Sanitation Analysts Suggest Following These Steps Closely to Avoid Your Trailer Breaking Down

    Don’t forget how important marine sanitation is on your vessel. If you ever have any questions regarding marine supplies, you can always count on us here at Raritan Engineering.
    Your marine sanitation professionals want you to then make sure your jack fits under the trailer axle and your lug wrench fits the nuts on the ­trailer wheels.
    Service the Wheel Bearings
    Your marine parts online experts know that by the end of last season, your trailer bearings were dry, and then they sat all winter, and now they are rusty and will fail before you get to the cottage. If the wheel doesn’t simply fall off – a serious safety issue – it will be restrained only by the axle nut and a big washer, and any remaining grease will be cooked to coke, and a sad bearing race will be welded to the spindle.
    Frequently trailers have an auto finish with multiple coats of paint and sealant. Warm water and gentle soap does a great job, finished with a rinse from the hose. Spend time cleaning the reflective plates and lights, and rinse the undercarriage where road dust accumulates to prevent debris from degrading moving parts. 
    Under-inflated tires can shred, and over-inflated ones will wear out fast. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on tire pressure. Eventually you’ll have a tire problem, so always carry a spare – and make sure that it has air in it! Trailers don’t come with changing kits, so you’ll need a tire iron for taking off bolts as well as a separate jack. 
    Most states require trailers to have functioning brake and tail lights, turn signals and license plate lights. Your marine parts direct specialists suggest that you follow the wires to check that the insulation is in good shape, and wrap any worn or corroded sections with electric tape. 
    Your ATV or bike should be part of the platform when you haul it, so after loading up leave it in park with the brake engaged, and strapped from four points – tightly enough that the suspension feels stiff and has little sway. 
    If you do end up stranded and two guys in a ratty Ram truck pull up and offer you a new wheel and tire, offer them beer in lieu of cash.
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