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  • Raritan Engineering Vacuflush Specialists Share How to Make Lake Water Drinkable

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    Raritan’s Vacuflush Distributors Offer Free Lake Water Cleaning Tips

    Raritan Engineeringyour Vacuflush suppliers would like to share with you this week information regarding how to make lake water drinkable.

    Reader David Brezina, who sails a Tartan Ten out of Montrose Harbor, Chicago recently had a question forPractical Sailorregarding drinking water. Like many Great Lake sailors who race seriously, or who own boats that were once raced, his boat has had its permanent water tank removed. After all, when you sail on a virtually limitless supply of drinking water why bother with a water tank?

    Brezina wondered if the General Ecology QC2 filter we reviewed in August (see Effective, Affordable Water Filters,PSOctober 2013) would be enough to make the lake water safe for drinking.

    The short answer is probably, but to be safe we’d take a couple extra steps. Theoretically, a filter that meets theNational Sanitation Foundation(NSF) P231 standards will be sufficient to make Lake Michigan drinkable (see Making Sense of Water Filter Certification,PSAugust 2016). A more effective (but more expensive) choice would be to use a filter that meets the more stringent NSF 53 standard. Although the General Ecology filter that you are referring to is not certified to either standard, the maker has had it independently tested over the yearsto ensure it meets or exceeds NSF 53. Many Great Lake sailors use manual or battery-operated water purifiers that campers and hikers use in the back country. These products, typically certified to P231, are usually low-volume systems like the Steri-pen (See SteriPEN Portable UV Water Purifier, September 2008).

    Your Vacuflush Suppliers Give Answers to the Concerns You Might Have Toward Drinking Lake Water

    Your Vacuflushmanufacturers discuss how although these portable systems have proven effective in making lake and river water safe for drinking, a cost-effective way to be even more certain that your drinking water meets safe drinking water standards is to follow the three-step process that we outlined in our series on treating onboard drinking water.

    First, you need to prefilter the water to remove dirt before it goes into the tank. The 1-micron Baja Filter that we wrote about in 2015 is a favorite tool for this, but we looked at various other filters that will prevent solids from getting into the tank (see Water Tank Filters, PS June 2015). Clean water is required for the next essential step, chlorine treatment.

    Chlorine treatment will kill viruses and bacteria. Although regu lar liquid chlorine will work, it isn’t ideal for storing aboard. We found pool and spa chlorination tabs to be a convenient alternative for chlorinating tank waters (see Keeping Water Clean and Fresh, PS July 2015).

    Although this multistep step process might seem like overkill, it is very similar to that used by municipalities that draw their water from the Great Lakes. It is still possible that naturally occurring algae blooms can introduce toxins that these steps won’t catch, but this is very unlikely.

    Fortunately most areas of the Great Lakes remain relatively pristine and are a safe sources of drinking water that is easilytreated on board a sailboat.

    Visit usat Raritan Engineering and see how we always take care of your marine sanitation needs.

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  • Macerating Toilet Professionals Talk About the Secret to Flotation Science

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    Your Macerating Toilet Specialists Further Discuss Cool Ways to Get Your Kids to Love Boating

    Raritan Engineering your macerating toiletdistributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the secret to flotation science.

    In order for ships to journey across the open sea, they must withstand the tremendousburden, or weight of the ship, along with the crew,luggage, supplies and passengers. Your macerating toilet suppliers talk about how they do that with a little help from the principles of density and buoyancy.

    That’s why when engineers ta lk about how heavy a ship is, you’ll hear them talk aboutdisplacementinstead of weight. To keep from sinking, the cruise ship has to displace its weight in water before it’s submerged. That’s a lot easier to do if the cruise ship is constructed in a way so that it’s less dense than the water below it.

    Engineers help ships to achieve buoyancy by choosing lightweight, sturdy materials and dispersing the weight of the ship across the hull. Thehull, or body of the ship below the main deck, is typically very wide and has a deepbase line, or bottom.

    A round-bottom displacement hull looks like a large rectangle with rounded edges to dissipatedrag, or the force exerted against a moving object. The rounded edges minimize the force of the water against the hull, allowing large, heavy ships to move smoothly along.

    Find your marine toilet of choice at Raritan Engineering, where you can always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

    Like just about everything in our lives, round-bottom displacement hulls have advantages and disadvantages. Unlike a boat with a v-hull, which rises out of the water and skirts the waves, round-bottom hulls move through the water, making them extremely stable and seaworthy.

    The hull serves not only as stability but also as protection. Reefs, sandbars andicebergscan tear apart fiberglass, composite materials and evensteel.

    Now that we’ve learned how these massive ships float, let’s look at the various propulsion systems that propel them from port to port.

    The science behind floating was first studied by anancient GreekscientistnamedArchimedes. He figured out tha t when an object is placed in water, it pushes enough water out of the way to make room for itself. This is calleddisplacement.

    Have you ever experienceddisplacement? Of course, you have! Remember the last time you got into the bathtub and the water level went up? That’sdisplacement. When you got into the tub, water got out of your way to make room for you, so the water level in the tub got higher.

    An object willfloatif the gravitational (downward) force is less than thebuoyancy(upward) force. So, in other words, an object willfloatif it weighs less than the amount of water it displaces.

    Ahuge boat, on the other hand, willfloatbecause, even though it weighs a lot, it displaces a huge amount of water that weighs even more. Plus, boats aredesignedspecificallyso that they will displace enough water to assure that they’llfloateasily.

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  • Boat Head Experts at Raritan Share the Pros and Cons of Joystick Piloting Systems

    Evinrude engineers had the goal of creating easy-to-use technology.

    RaritanBoat Head SuppliersGive Info to Help You In Your Navigational System Purchase

    Raritan Engineering you boat headdistributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the pros and cons of joystick piloting systems.

    Evinrude’s new iDock joystick docking system is designed to give experienced and first-time boaters confidence at the dock.

    Your boat head manufacturers talk about how that was the goal of Evinrude Outboard Motors, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products, as the company said today that it is introducing the Evinrude iDock joyst ick piloting system.

    Your marine products for sale experts share how the intuitive, integrated system will be available this fall for boaters who own or purchase twin Evinrude E-TEC G2 150-hp to 300-hp engines.

    In addition to providing experienced captains and first-time boaters alike with 360 degrees of confidence when docking or maneuvering in close quarters, Evinrude has ensured its latest technology is accessible for all components of the system, from the joystick to the rigging.

    We made the iDock system intuitive, using gyroscope sensors to help hold the heading of the boat, which corrects for wind and current automatically, said Jason Eckman, global product manager for Evinrude. It really gives the boat operator complete control at his or her fingertips.

    Your Boat Heads Professionals Discuss How Stress Free Joystick Piloting Can Be

    Don’t forget to find m arine toilets hereat Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine supply sanitation needs.

    In case you need additional thrust, you put a little more pressure on the joystick, and it moves into the boost position to give you the additional thrust you need, up to double, if necessary, he said.

    Your marine supplies near me professionals talks about how a gentle push of the joystick, and each outboard motor will automatically and independently adjust accordingly to ensure that the hull is moving in the direction and at the speed the operator desires.

    Eckman said Evinrude engineers began with the goal of creating easy-to-use technology that would also be easy to own. It resulted in a simplistic design feature, which means clutter-free rigging.

    Installation time is minimized, which helps keep costs down. The iDock models follow the same installation process as the Evinrude E-TEC G2 models, requiring less than an hour of on-the-water setup.

    < p>Eckman said that all helps make iDock more attainable.

    We know in our industry that docking is an anxiety that almost all boaters have, he said. As boaters, we’re spending a lot of money and we take a lot of pride in what we own, but nobody wants to look dumb at the dock.

    Your marine supplies Jacksonville, FL suppliers discuss how our test run was a short preview. Mercury will officially launch the joystick piloting system for outboards in February 2013 at the Miami Boat Show.

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