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  • TruDesign Analysts Have Amazing Offshore Fishing Skills With You

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    Your TruDesign Experts Are Excited to Show You These Offshore Fishing Tips

    Raritan Engineering your TruDesign Professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding improving your offshore fishing skills.
    Fishing Tips for Offshore Success
    Capt. Damon Sacco, Castafari
    East Sandwich, Massachusetts
    “Always clean your leaders when you check, re-deploy, or change lures or baits. Your TruDesign analysts know that rubbing alcohol, plain saltwater, and/or even a clean rag has worked well for me. Wiping the leaders helps remove any diesel soot from your exhaust that builds up on your leaders like it does on your transom. Your marine parts supply specialists feel that it sometimes also wipes off any algae that dirty up your leader. You will be surprised at how dirty your leaders and line get, and in a very short amount of time!”
    Capt. Bouncer Smith, Bouncer’s Dusky 33
    Miami, Florida
    “Always have one rod on the boat rigged with a lure. Prime example is I always have a 1 oz bucktail with a little bit of mylar in it rigged and ready to grab at all times. That makes you ever ready to cast to any species of fish. Your TruDesign experts know that many times you run offshore without a bait rigged, and ready to go, and a lure is most accessible.”
    Here at Raritan Engineering, we are proud to be your TruDesign supplier and are always ready to take care of all your marine supply needs.

    Your TruDesign Specialists Understand That There Is Always Room for Improvement

    Capt. Tony DiGiulian, Saltwater Pro Consulting
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    “All of our brains are wired to forget things that no longer seem useful. This forgetting is natural and it is adaptive because it clears our memory for things that keep coming at us. Your marine parts Europe professionals know that the problem, however, is that in the process of all of this memory purging, our brain often forgets important information and useful little details. Fishing is a game of knowledge, and we gather knowledge from a variety of places. From weekend anglers to the top tournament angler, we seek more information to help us catch more fish, more consistently. We work with other anglers within our network, we search the internet, magazines, television shows and tournament results for information that will help us catch more fish. Nothing, however, beats the knowledge we learn from first-hand experience on the water. The problem is storing that information and recalling it when the time is right. It’s interesting how I can remember catching a particular fish on a bait on an exact spot five years ago. At the same time, I might forget the adjustments I made to the outrigger clips or the hook style I was using or sea conditions that led to catching that fish on that particular day. That’s why I try my best to keep a log book of my fishing trips. I keep logbooks dating back 30 years when I started as a professional mate.
    “Some of the things I keep in the book are date, water temperature, wind direction, current direction and speed, hook style, size and brand, leader size, drag settings on my reels and a host of other seemingly small details. I may also write down a few notes on how aggressively or lazily the fish came up in my spread and how fast I was trolling or take notes on lure performance and which were the most productive and unproductive styles of lures at that time. Your marine parts house analysts feel that the whole point of a logbook is to refresh my memory with the archives of what I have done in the past, which can help me make better educated decisions. I find, keeping a log book is most necessary when I travel to different destinations as we all easily forget certain details over time and coming back to that destination we retain only 10% of what we learned there the first time.” 
    Don’t forget to order your marine here at Raritan Engineering, where we always know how to take care of your marine supply needs.
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  • Handy Man Repairs and Home Renovations Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam Coquitlam home handyman renovations and Repairs should be on your list when we come in to the spring and summer months.

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    House Repairs Port Coquitlam
    THS has a list of home services that will help you with home repairs, Home evaluations, cosmetic appearance and feel good at home projects.

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  • Marine Sanitation Device Analysts Offer Key Cold Water Survival Tips

    Your Marine Sanitation Device Experts Help You Remember the Risks That Come With Colder Waters 

    Raritan Engineering would like to share with you this week these important suggestions on how to survive cold water incidents.
    After living in Florida for so many years, it is easy to forget the risks associated with colder waters, vividly demonstrated in a video on cold-water survival that I have included in this week’s blog post. 
    Former U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer Mario Vittone has an excellent blog article that explores some of reasons why cold water changes everything in a drowning situation.  
    The first phase of immersion in cold water is called the cold shock response. It is an involuntary physiological response to cold water. This response can last from less than a half-minute to a couple minutes. 
    The second stage is cold incapacitation, which is just like it sounds. The water temperature prevents you from being able to swim, wave for help, grab a throw ring, etc. 
    The third phase of cold water immersion is hypothermia, in which the core body temperature drops below 95-degrees. Uncontrollable shivering and mental confusion set in, then comes unconsciousness and organ failure. 
    Maximize your chances of surviving by:
    • Wearing a personal flotation device (PFD)
    • Adopting a survival position
    • Keeping clothing on
    • Getting as much of body out of the water as possible
    • Remaining still and in place UNLESS a floating object, another person, or the shore is nearby
    • Keeping a positive mental outlook (a will to survive really does matter)
    Preventing hypothermia

    Your Marine Sanitation Device Specialists Have the Best Suggestions for Surviving These Difficult Situations

    Your marine sanitation device professionals know that layering appropriate fabrics helps preserve body heat, also. Kayaker and freelance writer, Tim Sprinkle, has three rules for dressing for a potentially chilly day outdoors:
    1. No cotton. When wet it is worthless as an insulator and heavy.
    2. “Wick, warmth, and weather.” Wear a wicking fabric next to your skin, insulating layers of fleece or wool, then an outer layer made of windproof, watertight materials.
    3. No cotton; seriously.
    Clothing made of modern watertight materials like nylon and Gore-Tex are good for keeping warmth in and cold water out. However, they require carefully selected underclothing since the garments may not have built-in insulation.
    Wear a personal flotation device (PFD). For the greatest protection against hypothermia, insulate the critical regions of your body with specifically designed PFD. 
    Minnesota requires boaters to carry a Coast Guard-approved PFD for each person in the boat. Even though the law requires merely having a PFD in the boat, wearing it is recommended. Trying to put on a PFD after falling into cold water is almost impossible.
    The more body area you keep out of the water, the better your chances for survival. The drown proofing technique of repeatedly lowering your head into the water and floating causes substantial heat loss, and is not recommended in cold water. 
    The Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P.) can be used only if you are wearing a personal flotation device. Hold your arms tightly against your sides and across your chest, pull your legs together and up toward your chest. 
    Hypothermia Symptoms
    When you first fall into cold water you gasp (torso reflex). Next, your skin begins to cool, and your body constricts surface blood vessels to conserve heat for your vital organs. Blood pressure and heart rate increase. 
    Hypothermia sneaks up on you, so you probably aren’t the best judge of whether or not you are hypothermic.
    Signs that a person is nearing a hypothermic state include shivering, poor coordination, and mental sluggishness. Since each individual reacts differently, the severity of hypothermia is best measured by taking a core temperature reading using a rectal thermometer. Oral measurements do not accurately measure changes in core temperature.
    Click here for more information from Raritan Engineering about marine sanitation devices or any of your marine supply needs.
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