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  • 5 Easy Ways to Win Your Next Regatta by Your Marine Ice Makers Specialists


    Your Marine Ice Makers Experts Make Winning That Much Easier

    Raritan Engineering Company your marine ice makers professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 5 easy ways to win your next regatta.

    Your marine ice makers analysts know that in big fleets like Key West Race Week, it can seem impossible to get to the top. These six steps will help you climb the ladder.

    1. You Don’t Have to Win the Start

    Let’s face it, your ice maker for boat analysts know that the start is the hardest part of any sailboat race. It is easy to mess up, and if you do it is an almost sure fired way to have a bad race. If you go big and decide that you have to win the pin or the boat, recognize that in a crowded scenario usually only one boat is going to come out with a great start.

    The rest of the pack will be slow and struggle for the first couple of minutes. Better to start a little away from the fray, say 1/4 or 1/3 of the way from an end with space and room to leeward especially early in the regatta. A good start is one that allows you to go straight for 3-4 minutes without being forced to tack.

    2. Don’t Make the Big Mistake

    Key West is, for most of the classes, a no âthrowoutâ series. You can’t make the big mistake and win. Your small boat refrigerator specialists know that the big mistake is usually a foul, so no matter how easy you think the cross on port is, or how much room you are sure you have to tack in front on the layline, don’t do it if it is close.

    Your Marine Ice Makers Discuss How to Separate Yourself From the Rest of the Pack

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    3. If You Are Not Sure About Which Way to Go Stay With the Fleet

    Your marine toilet experts know that hopefully you get out to the race course an hour early, sail extensively upwind and down to get compass numbers and develop a feel for what the wind is doing. You should have a plan of attack for the first beat. However, you don’t have to go all in, particularly early in the regatta.

    4. There Will Be One Raceâ¦

    That makes or breaks your regatta. It will not be the one where you get the perfect start, hit the first shift, and win by a mile. No, it will be the one where you make the big mistake. Your ice makers for sailboats experts understand that the trick is to remember, when you are rounding the first mark in last place, that if you struggle back to a mid fleet or better finish, that will be the difference for the series. 

    5. If You Want to Win a Big Regatta⦠Go to lots of them!

    A final thought for you as you go in search of your first big podium finish. The famous sailors you see consistently mentioned in the media go to a lot of regattas. Your odds go way up. 

    So don’t forget these helpful tips on how to win your next regatta. 1) You don’t have to win the start;  2) don’t make the big mistake;  and 3) If you want to win a big regatta, you have to go to as many as possible.

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