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  • No Bonding Required WIith Tru-Design Ball Valves from Raritan Engineering


    Millville, NJ business Raritan Engineering is proud to announce that it has been given an exclusive distributorship by Tru-Design for the new load design ‘thru-hull\’ plastic load bearing fitting. These fittings fully comply with ABYC H27 specifications, allowing the use of below the water line thru-hull fittings when fitted with a Tru-Design collar and ball valve. Further details can be seen at


    “We are very happy to announce our exclusive distributorship of the Tru-Design thru-hull fittings,” says Kim Shinn from Raritan Engineering. “We fully believe in the quality of this product, which is compliant with all relevant legislation and intend to serve our customers even better than before.”


    The Thru-Hull Fittings by Tru-Design are constructed using the most up-to-date high-impact composite materials. This means that they will last as long as the vessel will. As such, vessel owners won\’t need to worry about this issue. Each element is created using glass-reinforced composite materials. As such, they are highly durable while remaining lightweight. Furthermore, the materials are resistant to corrosion and electrolysis. This means their lifespan is dramatically increased without compromising performance. It also does not require any external bonding system.


    The fittings are fully chemical resistant, meaning they can handle anti-fouling paints, oils and diesel. Furthermore, they are fully UV resistant so that they don\’t discolor or lose their integrity when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Kim Shinn adds, “What sets the Tru-Design Thru-Hulls apart from their bronze counterparts is that they have a high quality surface finish. As such, there are no discoloration issues as you would see with a green film. Plus, they can be painted using any kind of anti-fouling paint without the need to first grind and then clean the flaked paint. Rather, it can be applied straight away on anything within a marine environment of between -4 and 230 degrees F. These include all hull types such as aluminum, wood, steel or GRP.”


    As can be seen on, Raritan now stocks the full range of Thru-Hull fittings. They come in sizes ranges from half an inch to two inches. Furthermore, customers can choose tail, recessed or threaded models. Each item is suitable for waste treatment, as shown on, as they comply fully with the necessary ABYC H27 specifications.


  • Secrets Regarding Close Quarters Maneuvering by Your Marine Parts Depot


    Experts at Your Marine Parts Depot Show How to Be A Small Space Guru


    Raritan Engineering Company your marine parts depot specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to become a guru of moving your boat in small spaces.


    Your marine parts depot says, my home dock, assigned by my friend, the local Harbour Master, has, by virtue of its difficulty, made me a better boater. I have no choice but to try to hone my skills on every docking. The ‘HM’ expresses no interest in my anxiety level (or my crew’s), nor in how many close calls we have had — as long as I actually can get in and out, then he is happy, and for the finesse which this has added to my technique I am grateful.


    Step number two: the next, and probably least significant conundrum of this docking entails that first turn to port, to head more or less north, between the two rows of docked boats. The prevailing wind tends to push the boat through a much wider arc than available space permits. We overcome this using the same techniques as for the more exacting maneuvers coming up in a few moments. 


    The boat must go very slowly, often coasting, more rarely even using reverse gear to take off headway. Slower speeds allow sharper turns. Start the turn early, knowing that the boat slides and skids as it yaws


    Go to and see how your marine parts depot specialists know that now that you have slowed down and are about to make the turn, you may need to give the boat a little shove, with the wheel hard over, using more engine power than available at just idle speed. The extra power gives you ‘steering authority’.


    Step number three: Back off on the power as soon as possible, and make your way between the two rows of boats. You may have to over-rotate, sometimes by a surprising amount, to compensate for the gradually dissipating momentum which wants to make the boat skid wide through the turn, and to counteract the force of the wind, which is now more or less abeam.


    You can find more information as well as get assistance on marine parts depot and on how to move your boat in small spaces at Raritan Engineering.


    Step number four: The next corner to negotiate is just the same as the first, except worse. Quarters are getting closer, and a novice or unskilled boater may, even though he felt comfortable making the first turn, now experience unease, even though the general principles have not changed.


    My boat’s stern swings to port, in reverse gear, due to ‘asymmetric propeller thrust’. A minority of boats have sterns which swing to starboard. The phenomenon goes by several names, one of which is ‘walking’.


    Step number five: By this stage, I need not say that getting through a narrow gap, and then turning the boat sharply into its deep alcove, with many other boats tied up nearby, and the wind howling, is not a trivial exercise.


    Three final points: (i) There is quite often a point of no return, a place beyond which there is no practical way to go into reverse gear and back out into open water. Close quarters, wind, reverse gear — these can be an impossible combination.


    Conclusion — Close quarters maneuvering has no conclusion. I find this docking easier in October than I did in May, and I hope and expect to find it easier in ten years than I do now. It’s never perfect, and I’m always learning.


    So don\’t forget these helpful tips on how to move your boat in small spaces. 1) first turn to port, to head more or less north, between the two rows of docked boats;  and 2) getting through a narrow gap, and then turning the boat sharply into its deep alcove, with many other boats tied up nearby, and the wind howling, is not a trivial exercise.


    Click here and see how Raritan Engineering has more information on marine parts depot and how to move your boat in small spaces.


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  • All Inclusive Marketing Solution Empowers Local Businesses with Solutions for Increased Sales


    Denver Colorado, July 2015 – Twin brothers Sean and Vaun Coleman announced the launch of their Denver-based marketing firm, Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions today.


    The company specializes in delivering a powerful mix of offline and online marketing strategies to help companies maximize visibility and increase sales, with their All Inclusive Marketing Solutions (A.I.M.) Program. 



    “Our society is experiencing a transfer of wealth and its happening right under our noses.”, said co-founder Vaun Coleman. “Wealth is being transferred to those who understand how to harness the power of new marketing techniques to reach and gain new customers.”



    Not understanding and failing to harness new marketing technology is one of the biggest challenges local businesses face in today’s economy. The old ‘tried and true’ methods are no longer working, or cost twice as much to get the same sales effect as before.


    “Our expertise allows us to optimize a company’s marketing by effectively communicating a message in both online and offline media. This makes it possible for small businesses to get the same exposure as major companies with a larger dedicated marketing staff. We even the playing field for local businesses,” said Sean Coleman, co-founder of Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions.


    With their All Inclusive Marketing approach they are now helping local companies launch new products, increase sales, build brands, promote events and leverage viral marketing for massive spikes in sales.


    The benefit of the A.I.M. marketing approach is it cuts marketing costs by up to 57.4% while increasing sales conversions and growing repeat business.


    Sean says, “By helping businesses locally to grasp our marketing they can stand out above the crowd. It helps the little guy to compete. We care about improving our community and we love giving back. We’ve realized by increasing volume for businesses locally we’re ultimately bringing more prosperity into our local community and making life better for everyone.”


    Future plans for the company include publishing educational materials that empower small business owners to market themselves.  The dynamic marketing duo is currently in development of a series of books, eBooks, and other training materials to be released in the near future.


    Sean and Vaun Coleman who founded Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions are no strangers to success. They are self-made success stories, twin brothers who were raised by a single mother of five children who built their empire online from scratch. Now known as the “Twin Avengers”, these savvy entrepreneurs are fighting for business growth, creating community, and bringing god back into business with their proven approach to help local businesses achieve success. 



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  • Raritan Engineering Offers Marine Toilets With Whisper Quiet And Clog-free Flush, Reducing Need For Maintenance


    Millville, NJ based Raritan Engineering has announced that their Atlantes Freedom marine toilet, found online at, offers boat owners both comfort and dependability on the water. The product has been created using Vortex-Vac technology, which creates an internal vacuum that requires no external or remote powered pump to flush. The flush is reported as being whisper quiet and clog-free to reduce the need for consistent maintenance.


    Raritan is recognized for their slogan, “The most dependable name on the water,” and they supply a catalog of all of these dependable products at As with other Raritan products, the Atlantes Freedom offers advantages that similar designs on the market have trouble competing with. Benefits of the Atlantes include a fully programmable control that allows for the conservation of water during use, while still presenting the characteristics of a traditional porcelain bowl in a single solid structure. The toilets are described as being easy to install aboard any commercial or recreational water vessel with the appropriate spatial specifications, above or below the waterline.


    The toilets can be purchased with a number of customizable features, such as the option to use Sea Water or Fresh Water mode. This allows boat owners to choose between the use of water from on or off the vessel. Consumers can also choose from the 01, 02, or 03 models, each with defining characteristics, such as four flush functions, handles with timed operation, and momentary handle operations. Flush options include that of Water Saver, Dry Flush, and Normal Flush. The company has explained that these flush options are conducive to a more environmentally friendly time on the water, and they have stated, “Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the quality of marine waters.”


    Currently, the Raritan Marine Toilets can be purchased through the company website at for prices between $1,289 and $2,129, depending on customization and additional features. The toilets come in white, bone, almond, and black, with both household and elongated bowl availability. Voltage is also another option to select upon purchase.


  • What to do when someone trashes your company online


    What to do when someone trashes your company online 

    It\’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest marketing techniques as more and more come our way, but it\’s always important to take a step back and make sure that you have a good foundation in place and none of your previous tactics are slipping.

    In local marketing, businesses put a lot of effort at the start and then let it fall by the wayside as the year moves on.

    2016 is the perfect time to refresh some of these “must-have” local techniques. Check out these Local Marketing Tactics for Boosting the Growth of Your Small Business:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Local SEO means you\’re optimizing your website for the local web search so that your business shows up in a location-specific query. For example, “Laundromats near me” or “best coffee in New York City” would both be considered local searches.

    As Google prioritizes local listings and puts them at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), it\’s an excellent way to gain visibility.

    When it comes to local search, there is less competition because you\’re only dealing with your competitors in the area. So, it\’s easy to get the results you want and bring in the targeted audience.

    Google\’s research on understanding consumer\’s local search behavior reveals a great information for small business owners.

    50 percent of mobile users and 34 percent of tablet or computer users visit a store within a day of their local search. It means local SEO has a great impact in increasing business sales.

    Keep one important thing about local SEO in mind:

    You don\’t have to be a company with one or two physical locations to get the benefit. Even if you\’re a national company, or you work only online, local SEO can still make an enormous difference in your business.

    How do you get started with local SEO?

    It\’s a big topic, but it mainly has to do with making sure you have local accounts on all of the major search engines (Bing, Yahoo!, and Google) and use of right local keywords for the target audience and area. You can learn more here to understand the importance of local SEO for small businesses.

    Facebook Advertising

    Social networks aren\’t always the first thing companies think while building local marketing strategies, but Facebook advertising is an exception.

    It\’s an inexpensive way to advertise your business to the target audience. Like Google, Facebook also knows buying and click patterns of all their one billion plus users. They are experts in putting the ads in front of a relevant local audience.

    Ask for Reviews and Get Listed on Review Websites

    Reviews are becoming the “must-have” in 2016 for all companies, particularly, who focus on local search marketing. According to a BrightLocal study, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    Get your products listed on all of the major reviews sites — notably Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Consumer Reports, Amazon and more — and then make sure that you\’re managing those websites.

    In other words, keep your information up to date and completed, and always be ready to tackle the negative reviews in a healthy way.

    Although you aren\’t allowed to offer any gift for an excellent review, build more confidence by working hard on your product\’s improvement. It will lead to better reviews in future. As Google and consumers like to see companies with strong reviews, get ready for more sales.

    By putting a “Review Us” link on your homepage, talking with your loyal customers, and urging your social community to get involved, you can help increase your numbers over and over again.

    Work with Complementary Companies in Your Area

    It\’s tough to work with your competition when it comes to local marketing, but you can build your online empire with complementary companies. This sort of partnership can help you spread the word to the same audience.

    For example, a content marketing agency in the area may want to team up with a web design company, a dog treat company may want to team up with a dog groomer, or even a lawyer may find it beneficial to partner with a personal finance accountant.

    Recommendations go a long way. So, this is an excellent way to put yourself in that position and earn trust.

    Attend, Speak, and Host Local Events

    In other words, get involved in the community as much as possible. If you can sponsor a little league team in the area, it leads to a great exposure.

    Join your local Chamber of Commerce and event committees to get involved and get your business out there. Contact with the journalist in your area. Advertise in the local papers, and even host your event to get people excited about a product launch or simply bring the community together.

    If you\’re the type of company that can create memorabilia for your business, hosting your local events or setting up a booth at other events is the perfect place to make this happen and, hopefully, see some free exposure in the future.

    Via: 5 Effective Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

  • Denver Marketing Agencies Shares How to Use Your Knowledge for Good


    Denver Marketing Agencies Can Make You Into a “Web Missionary Guru”

    Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions you Denver marketing agencies specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding setting your knowledge free.

    Your Denver marketing agencies knows that this is the story of how I became a “web missionary” and learned how setting your knowledge free is the key for building online businesses.

    When I was starting out as a digital illustrator padawan, I was desperate for online advice, says one Denver marketing firm. As a German living in Berlin, I wanted to know how to snatch up international clients and how to create a more commercially viable drawing style. Since I was internet-savvy, I thought I’d simply contact my role models and ask them for advice.

    Easy, right?

    Wrong. I’ve made a great effort to contact international illustrators, both living in Berlin and around the world, but no matter whom I asked, everyone was protective of their “trade secrets.” It felt as if they were afraid to share their experiences in case I turned out to be their competitor.

    Fear and setting your knowledge free

    Your Denver marketing services experts says to fast forward three years. In the middle of establishing my online illustration career, I wanted to venture into self-publishing. Despite the plethora of blog articles and marketing agencies Denver, saying about that exciting new career path, I wanted to get first-hand advice from established indie writers. Remembering my inability to connect with pro illustrators in the past, I anticipated quite a few “closed doors.”

    You can find more information as well as get assistance on Denver marketing services and on how to use your knowledge for good at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions.

    Wrong. I’d say eight out of ten established indie writers answered my questions. They revealed their tricks of selling indie books online, from creating genre-specific book covers that targeted your audience, to hitting the right keywords within the Amazon marketplace. Boom. Some successful sci-fi writers were even willing to coach me via Skype for hours without asking for anything in return.

    Needless to say, my mind was blown by their generosity.

    My new mantra

    From that day on, I wondered why the indie authors, all hailing from different countries and backgrounds, were so much more approachable than their illustrator counterparts.

    Denver Marketing Agencies Help You to Fully Realize the Business Possibilities of the Web

    He and many others in the indie scene shared a “growth” mindset.

    This made me ponder the larger online business world. If more regular online users knew about the business possibilities of the web, wouldn’t that increase the marketplace and the number of opportunities for me as well?

    Promote the web at non-tech events

    I was at a birthday party this weekend where I met a lot of people struggling to make a living from their music and writing, some possibly from a marketing agency in Denver. Knowing the difficulties of being a creative myself, I asked them what their online strategies were. Their answer was a collective “frown face.”

    None (!) of these smart men and women in their twenties and thirties were using the internet to sell their creative wares, which almost made me spill my German black beer.

    Making new web believers can increase your business

    I remember visiting an entrepreneur meet-up in Berlin about three years ago. I was talking to an ambitious young man who failed to woo traditional German publishers with his book offer. I told him about my online career, and how I worked with indie publishers from around the planet using Amazon and other online market places to sell their work.

    Half a year later, I received an email from the same guy who now wanted to commission my cover art for his new books; he was finally going to self-publish.

    Increase your network by connecting cultures

    At the birthday party, I met a Syrian refugee who was granted asylum in Germany. The man, being fluent in Arabic and Turkish, was studying German philology and wanted to become a translator.


    The almighty internet has allowed me to build this international creative career which I’m grateful for. I truly believe the more people create online careers, the bigger the marketplace for everyone becomes.

    So don’t forget these helpful points on how to use your knowledge for good. 1) Avoid the fear of setting your knowledge free;  2) promote the web at non-tech events;  and 3) increase your network by connecting cultures.

    Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions has more information on Denver marketing agencies, Denver marketing services, Denver advertising agencies, and how to use your knowledge for good.

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  • Marine Holding Tanks Analyst Asks, “How Are Your Manners When You’re on the Water?”


    Marine Holding Tanks Analyst Asks K8bk4O



    Your Marine Holding Tanks Expert Shares Time-Tested Customs and Traditions


    Raritan Engineering Company your marine holding tanks specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding boating etiquette.


    Boating Etiquette



    Your marine holding tanks experts know that boating, as a recreational sport, has been around for over 300 years. During this time many customs and traditions have been developed in order to help relieve the natural stress that comes with dealing with the elements. No matter how long you have been boating there is always that tense feeling when you are out there on your own.




    Obviously, the rules of the road are going to dictate how you operate your vessel underway in order to prevent collision, says several west marine holding tanks experts. But what if no risk of collision exists, are you then free to do whatever you want when operating in the vicinity of other vessels? Above all, remember that you are responsible for you own wake and any damage done by it.


    When overtaking a slower vessel in open water, do so with as much room as depth conditions allow and slow your speed, if necessary, to avoid rocking the other vessel. There is nothing worse than being below in a slow trawler or sail boat, cooking breakfast, and being suddenly overtaken in close quarters by a loud, wake-throwing, go-fast boater. Especially if the wake causes the hot bacon grease and coffee to be thrown around the galley.


    Anchoring and Mooring


    Your marine sanitation device experts know that to be sure to enter an anchorage or mooring area at a slow speed. This is like moving into a new neighborhood. You want your neighbors to like you. Again, you don\’t want to create a wake that would upset someone\’s dinner or drink.


    The marine holding tank systems professional knows that you need to remember that the first person in the anchorage has the right to determine the swing radius. Don\’t get too close to other anchored boats. The wind can change and in a matter of minutes you can have fouled and tangled anchor lines, and hulls and dinghies banging against each other. I\’ll never forget the commotion caused one night off the Bitter End in the BVI when a late-arriving boat anchored too close to another.


    Your Marine Holding Tanks Specialist Has Other Great Tips to Keep in Mind


    Before anchoring evaluate your intended behavior; the more music, people on board, children, pets and smoke from your barbecue that you intend to create, the further downwind you should be from your neighbors.


    You can find more information as well as get assistance on marine sanitation device and on boating etiquette at Raritan Engineering.


    If you are using your dinghy at night to go to shore or visit others in the anchorage, do so using oars and not your outboard. How far could the shore be if you\’re anchored in ten feet of water? Some boaters are friendly and like to socialize, while others are reflective and just want to be left alone.


    Marina Manners


    When you stop for fuel, keep in mind that other boats may be waiting to get to the fuel dock. Do not leave your boat to pick up groceries or hang out in the bait shop. Tie up securely, follow proper fueling procedures, pay the bill and move away to another docking area or guest slip if you need to do other business ashore.


    If you are already safely docked in the marina and there is no dockmaster or helper around to assist boaters as they dock and undock, your boat holding tanks specialists knows that it is courteous to assist others in your vicinity with their lines.


    Tips For On Board Guests


    Whenever you invite guests aboard for the day, a weekend or an extended cruise, you should explain to them in advance what is expected of them, especially if they are not experienced boaters.


    When quests arrive, assign a locker to each where they may stow their gear and make clear that everything should be kept in its assigned place. It could be dangerous or impair the operation of your boat to have clothing and other gear floating around loose.


    Familiarize your guests with safety and emergency procedures before leaving the dock. Explain fueling procedures, docking and undocking plans, etc.


    By being up front, honest and direct with your guests everyone onboard will have a safe and more pleasurable trip.


    So don\’t forget these helpful pointers on maintaining good boat etiquette. 1) Remember that you are responsible for you own wake and any damage done by it;  2) you want your neighbors to like you;  and 3) it is courteous to assist others in your vicinity with their lines.


    Raritan Engineering has more information on marine holding tanks, marine sanitation device, boat cleaning products, and on maintaining good boating etiquette.


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  • Macerating Toilets vs. Vacuum Marine Toilets: Part 2

    Macerating Toilets vs. Vacuum Marine Toilets Part 2

    Macerating Toilets Prevent Odors From Sewage Tank Coming Back Thru Toilet Bowl

    All plumbing code for house requires a J trap under the toilet to prevent gases from sewage main to come back thru toilet. Boat building industry has no such requirements.

    Vacuum toilets have no water seal. It mostly depends on vacuum (negative pressure) to prevent gases/odors coming back to toilet. In case of vacuum pump being turned off or not working, there is a direct connection between holding tank and toilet without any water seal. There is a valve between hose and toilet bowl and seal on the valve compromised with loss of vacuum.

    Macerating toilet, with vented loop has a water seal just like home and seal is reliable even during short term and long term storage.

    Low noise

    There is a myth that macerating toilets are noisy. Myth has been established by use of rubber impeller in older design macerators. Even macerators to empty out holding tanks and fish boxes use rubber impeller and are noisy.

    However almost all manufactures of macerating toilets use centrifugal design for discharge pump. These designs are quieter and make only gurgling sound when runs out of water.

    Vacuum toilets are famous for load popping noise. Some customers have described this noise as bullet shooting thru pipe. There are several You Tube videos making fun of vacuum toilet noise on web.

    All vacuum toilets and some macerating toilets Marine Toilet require pressurized water for flush water. User should also consider noise generated by diaphragm pump for pressurized water due to toilet system.

    Minimum water consumption

    It is true that vacuum technique requires less water to evacuate the bowl compared to older style macerator toilets. However water needed to rinse the bowl should also be considered. New control strategies to turn discharge pump and inlet flush water as needed has reduced water consumption in macerating toilets to as low as vacuum toilets.

    Minimum power consumption

    Power used is measured by amps multiplied by time pump is on.

    Vacuum toilet, for example may only draw 6amps. Considering that it runs for 45 seconds, power draw is equal to 6 x 45 =270 amps-sec.

    A macerator pump draws 10 amps for 10 seconds. Power draw is 10 x 10 = 100 amps-sec.

    Both cases do not consider power required to maintain pressurized water.

    Macerator equipped with seawater pump may have a power draw of 18 x 10 = 180 amps-sec, still lower than vacuum toilets.


    Vacuum toilet has several components to the system: Toilet, Vacuum generator and holding tank. Components have to be plumbed with leak free joints. There are limitations as to how high vacuum generator can be from the toilet. For boat builders installation requires careful planning. For aftermarket installation a factory certified installer is needed.

    Macerator toilets only require installation of one component. Toilet itself is self contained with pumps and control. Only two hoses, discharge and inlet has to be plumbed to toilet. Wiring is also simplified by pre wiring all controls at factory. User only needs to connect to positive and negative at the toilet. Most macerating toilets can be installed by do it yourselfers.


    Vacuum toilets function depends on vacuum switch reliability, valve seals, and leaks. Finding a vacuum leak could be a difficult task. Most problems on vacuum system may require a visit from certified technician.

    Macerating toilets requires troubleshooting on control. Replacing component of control is easy. Discharge pumps are reliable and seldom needs maintenance.

    Visit us at: for more details on marine products.


  • HTMLfor

    Flash Forward: The Future Is HTML5

    After significant security failures, thirst for user resources and industry-wide pressure, 2016 will be the first year marketers will not have Flash to fall back on as a crutch. Thankfully, new technology is readily available to take its place. 

    As an interactive element, Flash has been intertwined with the user experience since its inception. With Web design now more important than ever, marketers must turn to other tools to maximize how visitors interact with their Web elements. 


    Steve Jobs built the case against Flash five years ago. In that time, the globe was gifted 12 different iPhone iterations with no sign of slowing down or using Flash at all. In fact, mobile supremacy has prompted industry-wide marketer response in the form of responsive design. 

    According to comScore, total digital media usage has grown 49 percent with mobile apps contributing to 77 percent of time spent. Mobile browsers are also seeing a strong growth at 53 percent. Mobile devices overall account for 62 percent of all time spent with digital media. 

    More companies are paying attention to these shifts in technology and user behavior and crafting strategies to stay visible. This has to be the year to ensure their Web elements are accessible to mobile audiences. The best approach is using standardized coding languages understood by all devices – namely, HTML5.


    HTML5 ensures that all the important multimedia elements used in Flash are here to stay – without any cumbersome digital bloating. You can still embed interactive video, audio and other elements to grab a user’s attention and direct them to new content, but there’s another bonus that might not be immediately apparent — marketers now have more streamlined access to an important aspect to discovery in SEO. 

    Flash websites were notoriously difficult to rank in Google due to their lack of searchable content. Websites built in HTML5 make it easier for search engines like Google to crawl its onsite copy with more transparent SEO. They allow elements like links, headers, image alt-tags, anchor text, meta titles and meta description tags to be optimized better without disrupting an engaging on-site experience for users.


    It’s no secret that Flash increased the size of Web pages. In 2016, users don’t want to download any files in order to access a site just because it has Flash. 

    Readers are time-conscious, especially when they discover your page with a clear intent to read, watch or buy. What’s more, people go to your website for information, not animation. Any extra time it takes to load your website is time they spend looking for alternatives rather than engaging with your content. 

    Removing Flash serves as one more website optimization to keep readers engaged with your content faster and longer. Improved load times also lead to higher SEO rankings and user experience will get a much-needed boost. Keeping users on your page holds no value without well-written content that solves user needs and drives conversions.

    Forward-thinking brands have already graduated to HTML5, but Flash still persists in 15.6 percent of the world’s top 1000 websites. The technology is here – 2016 needs to be the year to optimize your website content before you lose your visitor engagement to the competition.  Get more info at Virtual Focused Marketing on HTML 5.

    – See more at: Flash Forward: The Future Is HTML5

  • “You Had to Prepare Yourself for Heavy Climate”, Claims Marine Water Heater Specialist

    Raritan Engineering Company your marine water heater specialist would love to share with you these subjects we believed would be of interest to you this month concerning how you can manage your boat in challenging weather.

    This week\\’s tip from your marine hot water heater professionals is everything about preparing on your own for heavy weather condition. If you have maintained an appropriate search, established a “watchful eye” as well as kept track of the climate on your VHF radio, you ought to have lots of time to obtain prepared.

    The complying with listing was gathered from different resources, your seaward marine water heater experts as well as from input from those who answered recently\\’s concern worrying “just what to do if hefty weather is approaching.”.

    Boat Water Heater Experts Say This Is What Every Skipper Should Know.

    Determine position of tornado, wind instructions, rate as well as price quote time to your location.

    Receive all hatches; close all ports as well as home windows. (Keep the water outside.).

    Pump bilges drying and repeat as needed. This helps do away with “cost-free water affect”, says west marine hot water heaters experts. (Sloshing of water in the bilge as the boat rolls which can effect security.).

    Ready emergency tools that you could require such as hand pumps, bailers, initially aide set, sound signaling gadget, and so on

    . Get a great solution of your position and also plot it on your chart. Make note of the moment, your heading as well as speed.

    Make plans to change training course to protected waters if possible.

    You could locate even more information along with get aid on boat hot water heater as well as on how you can handle your boat in challenging weather condition at Raritan Engineering.

    Prevent obtaining caught in heavy weather condition by creating a “eagle eye,” hearing your radio, as well as going for shore before it comes to be an emergency situation.

    Marine Water Heater Specialist Recommends Developing a “Weather Eye” to Avoid Getting Caught in Heavy Weather.

    Jack Lines – lines rigged along the outboard decks ranging from the bow aft. This enables you to connect the tether from your safety belt and move on and back at will.

    Harness – a nylon internet harness worn in harsh seas or heavy weather. It has a secure with a clip. Marine hot water heater installation suppliers says that the clip is affixed to the jack lines or lifelines to ensure that if you are cleaned crazy in a tornado you are still affixed to the boat.

    Sea Anchor – A drifting canvas cone, held open by cord rings, with an opening in the smaller end, and also a rope bridle at the larger end affixed to a line leading to the bow of the boat. It is used in storm problems to (a) keep the bow of the boat into the wind, as well as (b) slow down the downwind drift of the boat.

    Do not fail to remember these handy factors on exactly how to manage your boat in challenging weather condition. 1) Determine position of tornado, wind instructions, rate as well as estimation time to your area; 2) protect all hatches; close all ports and also windows. (Keep the water outside.); 3) pump bilges completely dry and repeat as required. This helps get rid of “cost-free water impact.” (Sloshing of water in the bilge as the boat rolls which could impact security.).

    Raritan Engineering has more info on marine hot water heater, boat water heater, marine hardware, as well as on how to manage your boat in hard weather condition.

    via Boating in Heavy Weather – Part 1.

    This assists eliminate “cost-free water impact”, claims west marine hot water heaters analysts. (Sloshing of water in the bilge as the boat rolls which could impact stability.).

    Marine water heater installation carriers states that the clip is affixed to the jack lines or lifelines so that if you are cleaned overboard in a tornado you are still connected to the boat.

    Do not neglect these handy points on how to handle your boat in very difficult weather condition. (Sloshing of water in the bilge as the boat rolls which could effect security.).

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