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  • Denver Marketing Services Outlines 4 Awesome Ways to Encompass Your Customers With Sound On and Offline

    Denver Marketing Services Shows How A Unique Sound Can Actually Help In Branding Your Customers Online and Offline Experience

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    Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions your Denver marketing services specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding four awesome ways to surround your customers with sound both online and offline.


    Your Denver marketing services specialists agree that grocery stores, bakeries and realtors count on shoppers’ sense of smell to close the deal, but sound is the most underutilized of the five senses for marketing.

    Even though it was the sound of the audio handshake of the modems, a technical requirement of connecting to the network, it became the sound of America Online.

    Denver advertising agencies also knows that technology provides another example of a truly branded sound. Every Mac plays a distinctive chord upon start-up. This sound became associated with Macs and the home computer experience for many people.

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    The best use of branded sounds that truly connects an online and offline experience is by Southwest Airlines. We all know that 10,000 foot ding on airplanes that means we can take out our laptops. Southwest uses a very distinctive sound. They use the same sound when they scan your boarding pass before you get on the plane. These are both positive associations with the sound.

    Denver Marketing Services Gives Online Experience

    Southwest has used this distinctive sound in advertising, but they created an online experience that really leveraged the feelings people get when they hear this sound. They created a low fare alert system for people to install on their computers. It was called Ding. That feel good sound that people already associated with Southwest now meant even better airline deals.

    Sounds can also have a negative feeling, and that really should be avoided for brand associations. Target has recently rolled out chip-card readers in many of their US stores, as US credit cards are updated to the more secure technology. The problem is that the confirmation sound in their chip readers is a very negative-sounding buzz, as if you have made a mistake. It should be a happy chime or positive beep, not the sound that reminds you of the big red X from Family Feud. 

    Here are four things to think about before using sounds that connect your customers both online and offline: 

    1. Use positive sounds to convey happy experiences (major chords instead of minor chords). 

    2. Make sure the sounds enhance the experience, rather than get used just for the sake of adding sound. 

    3. Consider your brand personalty when picking sounds. 

    4. Consider your audience and the type of sounds they hear all day long.

    So don’t forget these four helpful ways to surround your customers with sound both online and offline….1)  Use positive sounds to convey happiness;  2)  Make sure your sounds enhance the experience;  3)  Consider your brand personality with choosing sounds;  and 4)  Always consider your audience and varieties of sounds they hear all day long.

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