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  • Marine Holding Tanks Reveal Substitute Sailboat Fuels Powering Your Performance

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    Your Marine Holding Tanks Company Weekly Tip

    Raritan Engineering Company your marine holding tanks specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding future alternative boat fuels powering your success.

    Your marine holding tanks experts suggest that you join me as I peer into the future of fishing boats: The year is 2035. With dwindling crude-oil reserves, outcries over climate change and quantum leaps in battery technology, most cars and trucks are now electric. With no recharging stations in the Gulf Stream, the internal-combustion engine remains the power of choice for saltwater fishing boats in the 2030s. No alternatives have proven totally viable yet, but let’s look at what’s underway, and at which fuels might power the ­sport-fishers of tomorrow.

    Propane Sold widely as liquid ­petroleum gas (LPG), this is the same fuel used in your backyard barbecue and many indoor forklifts. “Propane is the fuel of the future,” says Lehr founder and CEO Bernardo Herzer. “Lehr is committed to delivering the powerful, reliable and affordable engines that will take us there.”  “That means you can reduce a vessel’s loaded weight,” Herzer points out. At press time, the cost of propane ranged from $2.99 to $3.99 per gallon. DOE statistics indicate that nearly 5 million U.S. homes — largely rural residences — rely on LPG for their primary heating fuel. Unlike natural gas, propane is often stored in an on-site tank. A number of land-based filling stations, RV centers and other stores also offer LPG. “In many ways, the ­refueling infrastructure is already in place,” says Herzer. “Once there’s a demand, I believe that fuel docks will quickly adapt to offer propane to boaters.”

    Your boat toilets experts know that natural gas is important for the future of fuels. This is the fuel of choice for millions of U.S. homes, and it’s used to power many modified diesel-engine buses to reduce pollution in crowded cities. The Intrepid’s fuel systems are independent of each other, offering the ability to switch fuels on the fly. The company doesn’t promote CNG as a replacement for gasoline, but rather as a reserve fuel. A GGE of CNG occupies 127 cubic feet, versus 0.13 cubic feet for a gallon of gasoline. On the plus side, the company holds out the promise of easy refueling for trailer-boaters and waterfront dwellers via fill-at-home compressors for residences equipped with natural-gas utility lines.

    You can find more information as well as get assistance on boat toilets and on future alternative boat fuels powering your success at Raritan Engineering.

    Biobutanol Created in a fermentation and distilling process using renewable bio-matter, biobutanol holds promise as an alternative fuel for boating anglers, both in its pure form and when blended with gasoline. More importantly, biobutanol appears to have none of the adverse side effects associated with ethanol, such as phase separation, according to tests conducted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in conjunction with Evinrude Outboards. There were no failures or performance issues in the testing, which included both two-stroke and four-stroke outboards, the company reported.

    No one really knows what lies ahead for boaters when it comes to fuel sources, but the good news is that marine companies are exploring and offering alternatives now, with the goal of keeping anglers on the water in 2035 and beyond.

    So don’t forget these helpful points on how to prepare for your future success in boating. There are alternative boat fuels within your reach. We have propane, natural gas, and biobutanol at our disposal. Lets look forward to other exciting breakthroughs in the near future.

    Raritan has more information on marine holding tanks, marine toilets, boat toilets, and future alternative boat fuels powering your success.

    via Alternative Fuels for Boats: Fishing Power of the Future

  • E-Commerce Entrpreneurs, Learn Your Possibility for Expansion and Prosperity

    Strategic Marketing Services

    2015.05.25 Rusty McMillen - What is Your On-Line Business Potential [Updated]

    Your business potential is something that can be developed into a reality, especially in the online world through strategic marketing services.

    Possibilities are always around you. With discernment, you can pick the opportunities that are right for your business. Currently, a couple of possibilities are evident for me and my e-commerce businesses—including business collaboration and creative visioning processes with team members. Indeed, when the creative and business sides of a marketing initiative are fused, remarkable results often ensue.Have you identified all of the possibilities available to you…

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    Your clients are spending 1 in 6 minutes online on social networks. Do you have a brand presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others?

    Do it yourself or Leave it to the Professionals

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    Fundamental Guideline on Marketing Budget Allocation

    It is advised to invest at least 10 % of your gross yearly income into your strategic marketing plan. If you’re a startup or will be releasing a new product or service, it is recommended to invest as much as 20 to 30 % of your projected annual gross revenue to truly shake things up. Actual marketing budgets in specific industries can reach as high as 35 %.

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